Feb 4, 2015

February activities for kids

Just because it is cold and dark, it doesn't mean that we are turning all lazy and screen addicts! We have been playing and experimenting and present to you some of our favorite activities for February!
Making colourful ice candle holders
Easy to make and fun activity in two steps:
1. Mix water color with water and pour it in an old ice cube mold to make colorful ice cubes
2. Put the ice cubes with cold water in a plastic bowl sparing the middle with the help of another smaller bowl or glass and let it freeze

Cooking chocolate croissants for Valentine's Day
That is fun and the kids love cooking and then eating the chocolate left in the bowl:
1. Use either home-made or ready-to-use croissant dough
2. Cut it in triangles
3. Cover with chocolate/nutella filling and fold to shape a crescent form
4. Some egg on the top for nice color
5. In the oven for around 20 min 

Drawing winter activities
Ask your child: 'What do you like doing in winter? - Can you draw it?' and you will be more than surprised.. Their imagination and skills can really help put together some amazing drawing while at the same time, reveal what makes them more excited and happy. What a creative way to help your kids express their emotions other than drawing? 

'Do you want to build a snowman?'
We recycled milk cartons to cute doll light houses, perfect for the kids' playroom and bedroom. We used the the napkin technique which we learned watching a video at the amazing blog aneraida. You may find all our recycling projects for kids, here.
Recycling milk cartons to light doll houses
Check out our visit at the Nobel Museum and get inspired!