Jan 26, 2015

Book vs iPad - Who wins?

What is best for a kid, to read a good book or to play a well-thought learning game on iPad? Does kids' needs change with age? I totally believe in old-fashioned reading of good books, this is why..

It is not only the content, but the surroundings..
Reading a book, the child appreciates the illustrations, the smell of a new or an old book, the feeling of waiting what happens next when turning a page..

Books are also interactive..
It does not have to be high-tech to allow for a child to interact during reading. When reading a book loud, the voice of the person who narrates changes and the narration gets more exciting when the child participates with his/her voice, gestures, feels how the hero feels, imagine how the characters look like and so on. Reading a book is one of the best ways to intruige the kid's imagination.

Books create emotional memories
It is easy to remember which was our favorite book as a kid or which was our favorite character. I am not sure that this will be the case when later asking 'Which was your favorite iPad game as a kid?' And would it mean something? Reading a book makes you associate the pictures with your own memories, characters get mixed up with friends in your mind and emotions get real, all in the wonderful imaginary world of books!

Good books stay in memory for ever
The story, the meanings, the ethical dilemmas, the questions and the answers raised by good books stay in memory for ever.

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