May 5, 2014

Top activities for kids in preschool age

Today I've gathered and present to you all our favorite activities for preschoolers, activities that you'll also enjoy and have fun with your kids!
Drawing and coloring develop the brain, train motor, emotional and social skills
  • Cooking and play: An activity that combines playing skills, with team work, fine motor skills and working memory, all of which you may find here and here. 
  • Recycling: Recycling is one of our favorite activity for many reasons, mostly because of our love and respect to nature. Some of our recycling projects are presented here. You can read more and be insired from our posts here.
  • It's all about water! I don't know about you, but my kids are crazy about water and so are many of my patients! So, we have been playing and experimenting with water, both outdoor and indoor, as you may see here and here.
  • Colours and drawing: An amazing way to help your child develop his/her imagination, creativity, visual perception, hand-eye coordination, emotional and social skills. You may read more here. For the little ones, I strongly recommend sponge painting. 
  • Sensory activities are another favorite. Playing with sensory bottles, curtains and other surfaces, discovering the colours, the sounds and different kinds of material through a combined work from the senses, this is a great stimuli to our kid's brain development, all of which you may read here.

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