May 3, 2014

Kids go doodle

As my daughters are going through the iPad phase, I decided not to be totally negative, but to let them live this. Eventhough I have this feeling that this is not just a phase that will go away..
Anyhow, I felt like setting a few 'rules' to be followed, kind of 'we'll rule over iPad'

Our family in doodle

Our doodle car
So despite the '30 min' time rule, which is the maximum time they can play with their iPad per day -and only after 19-, I have applied the 'only what mom/dad allows' rule, which is exactly as the name states. So we have basically downloaded games that stimulate the kids' mind, creativity and imagination.
Our latest iPad 'toy' and the absolute favorite is Kids doodle and I must admit that it is quite good!

Here you see some doodle paintings from my 4-year old xx


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