Apr 12, 2014

How to stimulate our kid's creativity in art projects- Part I

In this (and in an upcoming) post, I will be sharing some advice to parents who ask how they can stimulate their kids' creativity, including kids with special needs and kids who don't show any interest in art, colouring or drawing. I hope you'll find this helpful!

  • Encourage your child to try out different materials
Children's imagination is endless. They see and creat art from just about everything! This is why kids must have access to various materials and explore different techniques. So don't worry too much about a messy kitchen or a dirty couch. Give your child the chance to explore the world through his/her own imagination!
Some practical tips:
a. When shopping or collecting materials for art projects, always try to choose something different, challenging, something your child has not tried before.
b. There are children that enjoy working with materials they already know and feel comfortable with, which is great! What you can do is to sit nearby and try working with something new once in a while, so that they can see you and get inspired to try themselves.
c. Different kids have different abilities and interests. Kids with specials needs have also abilities and interests that should not be underestimated. Kids of different ages have also different grades of capabilities in creation. Respect your child's uniqueness and build upon it!

Try out different materials

  • Creating is a multisensory process
Art is not only about sight. When creating art, all senses are involved. It is important for us to remember that and try to stimulate our childrens' senses all the way, from collecting materials to enjoying the finalised masterpiece.
Some practical tips:
a. Materials for art projects don't always have to be bought in a fancy store. They can be found in the nature as well. It is a wonderful feeling to collect sticks and seashells by the seaside, while hearing the seagulls and feeling the ocean breeze. What a great combination of sensory stimuli just before creating art!
b. When the art project is done, take some time to discuss this with your child. Ask questions, like what is this that you created, what inspired you, why did you choose this colour etc. Another way, if your child doesn't like talking about his/her creations is to ask them to describe their art with three words, or three colors, or a sound, a song, a person or an animal. In this way, you help your child to verbally describe the art project and connect this art with the stimulation of other senses, in order to create an emotional memory of it. And then appraise your child's work and creativity. In this way, you help your kid build self-confidence and love for art and creation.

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