Dec 18, 2014

Three basic categories of toys for preschoolers

Choosing toys for preschoolers - The 3 basic rules

Parents often ask me which toys can best stimulate their childrens' cognitive, emotional and motor skills. I answer: Choose passionately, choose wisely (based on the child's unique interests and abilities) and choose differently (try to expand the child's play spectrum)

Here are three basic categories of toys to choose for children of preschool age 2-6 year old.

1. Building and construction toys: Stimulate the child's imagination, creative thinking and problem solving skills. At the same time, the child improves its tactile perception and fine motor skills.
Building blocks, lego etc are some examples.

2. Art and craft kits: Drawing, coloring, creating from simple materials is a great challenge for the child's mind. Not only does this activity stimulates child's imagination and memory skills, it's one of the best ways for the child to express emotions. It also trains hand-eye coordination skills.

3. Material/toys for imaginative and pretend play: dolls, dollhouses and castles, dress-up accessories, cooking sets etc . Playing a character, a role is an amazing way for the child to express thoughts and emotions, to develop language and memory skills, and the best way to improve social interaction skills.

Have fun!
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