Nov 3, 2012

Dads: 7 ways to bond with your daughter

1.      Establish a father-daughter day once a week. Take her to her favorite playground, to the movies, to the zoo or shopping

2.      Include her in your favorite hobbies, i.e. playing football, watching ice-hockey, making popcorn. Let her help you when fixing things in the house or in your garage. She will love every minute of it!

3.      Start a hobby together, such as jogging, cycling, playing the guitar..

4.      Read her a bedtime story. The time before sleep is always special for children, so take some time to relax and read a book together!

5.      Take her to the grocery store, to the bakery, to the supermarket. Use your time with her to teach her new words, new images..

6.      Spend a weekend together staying over your parents. Meeting the grandparents, looking at the family’s albums, hearing stories about her father when he was little, creates great emotional memories!

7.      Play, play, play. Play with her whenever you can! From playing with lego, to making sand-castles, playing together is the greatest way to bond with your daughter!


And remember, have fun!

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